March 5 Update: Congratulations to Ulyses Osuna and Gabby Gillespie for winning the 2015 social media scholarship from SoundOut.

Ulyses featured a campaign for Jee Juh Productions that sells music beats online. His campaign was one of the most thorough we saw, integrating not only a broad array of social media channels but also digital marketing vehicles like email and content marketing. He’s researched what works on certain social channels and effectively leverages them.

Gabby Gillespie featured a campaign for Marvel Comics. With her use of video bloggers and incorporating celebrity influence, she’s crafted a really sharp campaign to raise awareness of the comic books and to help buyers identify their local shop.

Again, we thank all the participants who submitted campaigns. We had a great time reading them, and we wish everyone the best in their, sure to be thriving, future marketing careers.


February 23 Update: It took longer than expected to review all the quality submissions, but we have selected our top 10 finalists. There were a lot of great social media campaigns developed, but these ten stood out from the rest. We will post them all to the website over the next 24 hours so the finalists can check up on their competition. We will announce the final two winning campaigns on March 5.

> Anne Marie Schudy: Etsy
> Gabby Gillespie : Marvel Comics
> Justin Kim: Coke/Pepsi
> Kiley Baker: Sandy’s Country Images
> Leah Osae: Circle of Enchantment
> Mary Kershisnik: Dealflix
> Mary Willis: Starbucks
> Sidney Bundlie : RUsterbar
> Tim O’Reilly : Disney
> Ulyses Osuna : Jee Juh Productions


February 8 Update: We’ve made our first round of cuts. If you followed the instructions outlined below, your odds of winning just went up dramatically. 60% of applicants were cut for submitting a general essay not pertaining to social media or a very short essay (500 words and below). We’ll send out emails to those who didn’t make the cut later today. By the end of this week, we should have the forty essays cut down to the final ten.


A big thank you to all of the students who participated in SoundOut’s first social media scholarship. We received just under 100 entries for the two $1000 scholarships. We are busy reviewing each entry and plan to announce the ten finalists around mid-February. The two winning applications will be chosen at the end of February.


Thank you for your interest in SoundOut’s social media scholarship. We are looking to highlight some of the brightest minds in the next generation of social media marketers. We are giving away two (2) $1000 scholarships to the winners of our social media essay competition.

For the essay, we’d like you to formulate a social media campaign for a company. It can be your local mom-and-pop grocery store around the corner, a Fortune 500 company or an intriguing start-up you just read about. Any business is fair game as long as they are an actual company. Here are a few sample questions to help frame the essay and get you started.

  • Define the parameters of your campaign. Are you simply promoting a business in general, or are you promoting an event or product from that business?
  • What is the goal of your campaign? Are you trying to gain more followers, increase email signups or sell a product? What will define the campaign as a success or failure?
  • What social media channels will you use to promote your campaign. Will you execute the same strategy across all social media channels, or will you have a custom approach for each outlet?
  • Show us the implementation. During a two or three day period during the campaign, what is getting posted to Facebook, Twitter and the rest of the social universe? Who are you reaching out to to help further your message?
  • How will you measure the results of your social media campaign?

Scholarship essays should be between 1000 and 2000 words and thoroughly cover every aspect of the proposed social media campaign.

This scholarship is open to high school seniors, college undergraduate and graduate-level students. The competition is open to students of all majors attending a college, university, technical or trade school located in the United States or Canada. Students must be a United States or Canadian citizen or hold a current student visa. Only one essay per applicant will be considered. The application deadline for entry is January 30, 2015.

The competition closed on January 30, 2015. It will reopen for the 2016 scholarship this summer.

Students agree that on submission essays will become property of SoundOut. Essays with the entrants name and college information will be used on as well as in any promotional efforts concerning the SoundOut scholarship program. Email addresses will only be used to contact students with updates regarding their status in the Social Media Scholarship.

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